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I have dealt with the selection, training and motivation of Human Resources for about twenty years. I have worked together several hundreds companies that represents from little reality of family-run companies to multinational corporations, learning, in this way, a big experience in identifying the real needs that have had to be fulfilled in order that various team could work together in  the best of their own potentialities to materialize the business and personal purpose for every member of the group.

People often think that things change with extraordinary events and important investments. It’s true in part. Great changes start from small innovation, from new ideas that transform in new working and life style modes, step by step and integrating themselves in the every life with the culture and the company background.

Our history is full of such examples and today we use the same rules and morals, but with an only great difference, THE TIME. The changes that in the past materializes in centuries or in decades; today appear in few years and sometimes  in few months. This is the reality where we live.

Each one should learn that if one wants to remain competitive, he has to keep up-to-date about the constant innovations introduced by our society and implemented in our professional and personal life where it is necessary. Unfortunately, it should not be enough because there is another factor that we have to become aware. It is the fact the we need more and more work together the others to become successful in every activity in everyday life. Trusting in the correct person is always fundamental to reach our aims.

So, I have decided to work together the Grasso Group Spa as person in charge of the human resources. My aims to create a team of estate agents who are expert, professional and qualified to led our clients towards the best solution to solve their real necessities in the management of their primary good, their home.


Alessandro Masini